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Covid19 Activites

Covid19 Activites


Department Name: Agriculture

Department Name: Animal Husbandry

Department Name: Police

  1. Work Report of district Faridkot, Hoshiarpur, Moga and Pathankot 7.5.2020
  2. Work Report of District Ludhiana, Taran Taran, Fazillka, faridkot, SBS Nagar 15.5.2020
  3. Work Report of Patiala, Faridkot, Moga, SBS Nagar, Sri Mukatsar sahib 16.5.2020
  4. Work Report of Amritsar, Jalandhar, Pathankot, Faridkot, Hoshiarpur, Patiala, Rupnagar Police on 17.5.2020
  5. Work Report of Amritsar, jalandhar, FS, Ludhiana, Patiala Police 18.05.2020
  6. Work Report of Amritsar,Fazillka,Ferozepur,Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar,Ludhiana,Patiala, Rupnagar and SBS Nagar Police on 19.05.2020
  7. Work Report Barnala, Moga,Jalandhar,Fazilka,Ludhiana,Gurdaspur,Khanna Police 21.5.2020
  8. Work Report of Jalandhar, Khanna, Faridkot, Fazilka,Ludhiana,Moga,Patiala,Sangrur,SBS Nagar on 22.05.2020
  9. Work report of Barnala,Gurdaspur,Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Moga,Khanna police 23.5.2020
  10. Work report of Barnala, Gurdaspur,Hoshiarpur,Jalandhar, Khanna, Moga,Patiala Police 24.5.2020
  11. Work Report of Mansa ,Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ferozpur and Patiala 28.5.2020-
  12. work report of Sri Muktar Sahib, Hoshiarpur, Ferozpur, Barnala and SAS Nagar 29.5.2020 
  13. Work report of Fazilka,Gurdaspur, Moga ,Jalandhar and Barnala 31.5.2020
  14. Work report of Gurdaspur, Rupnagar, Ferozpur, Patiala and Hoshiarpur 1.6.2020
  15. Work reports of Fazilka, Gurdaspur, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Khanna 2.6.2020
  16. Work report of Moga, Jalandhar, Ferozpur, Fatehgarh Sahib and Patiala 3.6.2020
  17. work report of Moga,Barnala, Ludhiana, Khanna and Sri Muktar Sahib 5.6.2020
  18. Work report of Amritsar,Jalandhar, SBS Nagar,Fazilka and Ferozpur 6.6.2020
  19. work report of Patiala, Moga, Khanna, Taran Taran and Gurdaspur 7.6.2020
  20. Work report of Bathinda, Jalandhar,Ludhiana, Moga and Taran-Taran 8.6.2020
  21. work report of Barnala,Gurdaspur, SBS Nagar,Jalandhar and Patiala 9.6.2020
  22. Work report of Fazilka,Barnala,Moga,Taran-Taran and Ludhiana 10.6.2020
  23. Work report of Hoshiarpur,AMRITSAR ,FEROZPUR, PATIALA and Rupnagar 11.6.2020
  24. work report of Gurdaspur,Fazilka,Ludhiana,Moga and Sri Muktsar Sahib 12.6.2020
  25. work report of Ferozpur, Barnala, Taran-Taran Rupnagar and Patiala 13.6.2020
  26. Work report of Moga,Fazilka,Tarn Taran, Barnala and Hoshiarpur 14.6.2020
  27. Work report of Patiala,Ludhiana,Moga,SBS Nagar and Gurdaspur 15.6.2020
  28. Work report of Khanna,Hoahiarpur, Ferozpur, Taran-taran and Patiala 16.6.2020
  29. work report of Ferozpur, Fazilka,Moga,Barnala and Gurdaspur 17.6.2020
  30. work report of Jalandhar, Moga, Khanna, Ferozpur and Hoshiarpur  18.6.2020
  31. work report of Fazilka, Patiala,Gurdaspur, Ludhiana and Rupnagar 19.6.2020
  32. work report of Khanna,Fazilka, Ferozpur, Batala and  Taran-Taran 20.6.2020 
  33. Work report of Mansa, Amritsar, Ferozpur , Hoshiarpur and Moga 21.6.2020
  34. work report of Gurdaspur, Barnala, Patiala,Fazilka and Taran-Taran 22.6.2020
  35. work report of Moga,Fazilka,Ferozpur,Hoshiarpur and Gurdaspur 23.6.2020
  36. work report of Ludhiana,Moga, Fazilka, Barnala and Hoshiarpur 24.6.2020
  37. Work report of Amritsar,Patiala,Fazilka,Ferozpur and Tarann-Taran 25.6.2020
  38. Work report of Hoshiarpur,Ferozpur Moga and Gurdaspur 26.6.2020
  39. Work report of Fazilka,Moga,Mansa and Batala 27.6.2020.
  40. Work report of Patiala,Mansa,Barnala and Gurdaspur 28.6.2020
  41. work report of Ferozpur,Ludhiana,Khanna , Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur 29.6.2020
  42. Work report of Moga, Amritsar, Patiala, Barnala and Taran-Taran 30.6.2020
  43. Work report of Gurdaspur,Fazilka,Moga,Barnala, Hoshiarpur and Ferozpur  1.7.2020
  44. Work report of Jalandhar,Fazilka,Ferozpur,Moga and Patiala 2.7.2020
  45. Work report of Moga, Hoshiarpur,Taran-Taran,Gurdaspur and Barnala 3.7.2020
  46. Work report of Moga,Fazilka and Gurdaspur 4.7.2020
  47. work report of Fazilka,Ludhiana,Taran-Taran and Gurdaspur 5.7.2020
  48. Work Report of Ferozpur,Moga,Jalandhar,Patiala and Barnala 6.7.2020
  49. Work Report of Amritsar,Taran-Taran, Gurdaspur,Fazilka and Mansa 7.7.2020
  50. Work report of Moga,Ferozpur and Gurdaspur 8.7.2020
  51. Work report of Ludhiana ,Patiala, Gurdaspur, Taran-Taran and  Moga9.7.2020
  52. Work report of Gurdaspur,Fazilka,Hoshiarpur,Barnala and Moga 10.7.2020
  53. Work report of Gurdaspur,Ferozpur,Taran-Taran and Barnala 11.7.2020
  54. Work report of Moga, Gurdaspur and Ludhiana 12.7.2020
  55. Work report of Moga,Fazilka,Hoshiarpur,Ferozpur and Barnala 13.7.2020
  56. Work report of Ferozpur,Tarn-Taran, Moga and Gurdaspur 14.7.2020
  57. Work report of Barnala,Ferozpur, Moga and Taran-taran 15.7.2020
  58. Work report of Moga,Fazilka,Barnala,Hoshiarpur,Patiala and Gurdaspur 16.7.2020
  59. Work Report of Mansa, Patiala,Moga and Gurdaspur 18.7.2020
  60. Work report of Mansa,Ferozpur and Moga 19.7.2020
  61. Work Report Moga, Barnala, Fazilka, Tarn-Taran and Gurdaspur 20.7.2020
  62. Work report of Ludhiana, Barnala,Patiala, Ferozpur and Hoshiarpur 21.7.2020
  63. Work report of Moga,Ludhiana and Mansa 26.7.2020
  64. Work report of Moga, Patiala and Gurdaspur 27.7.2020
  65. Work report of Ferozpur, Tarn-Taran, Fazilka and Hoshiarpur 28.7.2020
  66. Work report of Patiala, Moga and Barnala 29.7.2020
  67. Work report of Gurdaspur, Moga, Tarn-Taran and Fazilka 30.7.2020
  68. Work report of Moga,Ferozpur and Fazilka 31.7.2020
  69. Work report of Fazilka, Patiala and Barnala 3.8.2020
  70. Work report of Patiala, Moga and Barnala 4.8.2020
  71. Work Report of Moga, Ferozpur and Gurdaspur 5.8.2020
  72. Work report of Sri Muktar Sahib, Pathankot and Rupnagar 6.8.2020
  73. Work Report of Moga, Sri Muktsar Sahib and Fazilka 10.8.2020
  74. Work Report of Mansa, Ferozpur and Patiala 11.8.2020
  75. Work report Fazilka, Barnala and Gurdaspur 12.8.2020

Department Name: Agriculture Department

Department Name: Public Works Department

Department Name: Education

Department Name: Mandi Board

Department Name: Cooperation

Department Name: NRI Department

Department Name: Health Department

Department Name: Employment Generation& PunjabSDM

Department Name: Rural Development 

Department Name: Industry Department

Department Name: Local Government

Department Name: Water Resources 

Department Name: Technical Education

Department Name: Water Supply & Sanitation

Department Name: Medical Education and Research

Department Name : Jail


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