Key Achievements of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh led Punjab Government


  1.         War against Corruption
    1. Established a Governance Ethics and Reforms Commission for comprehensive systematic reforms in the State. The Commission would also scrutinize all transactions of above Rs.50 crore.
    2. Adopted ane-auction mining policy, which is fully transparent, un-interrupted and un-influenced by anyone in the Government.
    3. Enacted the Punjab Transparency and Accountability in Delivery of Public Services(including electronic service delivery) Act 2018.
    4. Enacted the Punjab Transparency in Public Procurement Act 2019.
  2.         Governance Reforms
    1. All benefits/ subsidies are being fully targeted to the genuine beneficiaries through direct cash transfers into their bank accounts(DBT).5,62,474 farmers have been provided debt relief of Rs4700 crore by direct transfer of cash in their respective bank account.
    2. Established Separate Department of Mining and Geology.
    3. EstbalishedSeparate Directorate of Ground Water Management.
    4. Established Separate Directorate of Environment and Climate Change.
    5. Launched Mahatma Gandhi SarbatVikasYojana(MGSVY)for release of benefits aimed at the inclusive growth of the distressed sections of the society. 10.69lakh persons have been provided requisite relief/benefit out of 12.17lakh distressed persons identified under the Yojna.
    6. Established 6-member Revenue Commission to bring in greater efficiency and accountability in the functioning of Revenue Department.
    7. Rationalized establishment of 500 : Unified Service Delivery Centres-SewaKendras, making these more demand based and fully functional.
    8. State Agencies to use the Central government portal, Government e-Marketplace (GeM), for direct online purchase of goods and services.
    9. Launched multi-faceted Mission “Tandrust Punjab” to make Punjab the healthiest State by improving its air quality, water quality, and ensuring safe food and a good living environment.
    10. Implemented e-Office in all offices of the State with effect from 1st January 2019.
    11. Establishment of CM's Advisory Council
  3. VVIP Culture
    1. Abolished red beacon lights on vehicles. This was later replicated by the Union Government.
    2. Rationalized personal security, making it strictly based on threat perception.
    3. Abolished Halqa System.
    4. Banned use of sirens/hooters and recorded vocal music in motor vehicles.
    5. Prohibited the carrying of photograph of the Chief Minister on '108' Ambulances, and Free Bicycles for Girls under Mai BhagoVidya Scheme.
    6. CM, Ministers, Leader of Opposition to pay income tax on their respective pay and allowances from March 2018.
  4.         War Against Drugs
    1. Adopted a three pronged Revamped Strategy- – Enforcement, De-addiction and Prevention (EDP) strategy.
    2. Special Task Force (STF) established to tackle the Drug menace immediately after assuming power in the State has achieved following outcomes:
      • 36,418 caseshave been registered under NDPS Act.
      • 45,445 personshave been arrested.
      • More than 1305kg heroinhas been recovered besides other contraband substances.
      • Zero tolerance - Daljit Singh DSP, Inspector Inderjit Singh and ASI Ajaib Singh are among 112 police personnel who have been arrested for suspicion in abetting activities related to drug abuse.
  5. 50% decline in supplies of Schedule-H drugs / prescription drugs - Assessment of All India Association of Pharmaceutical Companies.
  6. Most drug traffickers have either left the State or have become dormant due to strong and decisive action.
  7. Passed a legislation entitled “The Punjab Forfeiture of Illegally Acquired Property Act 2017” which is pendingfor Presidential Assent.
  8. Recommended death penalty to Government of India for even the first offence by drug peddlers and smugglers under the NDPS Act.
  9. Launched Drug Abuse Prevention Officers' (DAPO) Program to create a mass anti-drug abuse movement with 5.39 lakh DAPOs self-volunteers currently enrolled.
  10. Launched 'Buddy's' Program' for all schools and college students to educate and motivate children about ill-effects of drugs.  Aim to cover 40 lakh students in the State. Till now 7.5 lakh buddy groups have been formed who are continuously being taught about the ill effects of drugs by Senior Buddies.
  11. Started 193 Outpatient Opioid Assisted Treatment (OOAT) Clinics for regular treatment of addicts. About 250000addicts are being treated.
  12. Permanent ban on Hookah bars in Punjab.
  13. Wi-Fi CCTVs at all 'nakas' (check-post) at the borders to prevent smuggling of drugs into the state.
  14. Law and Order
    1. Perceptible decrease in crimewith greater thrust on establishment of Rule of Law in the State.
    2. There has been a strong drive to bring to book gangs of criminals. 1931Gangsters/Members of various Criminal Gangs have been arrested/neutralized including 13 Category “A” Gangsters.
      1. 32 Terrorist Modules busted
      2. 155 Terrorists arrested
      3. More than 197 illegal weapons and 37 hand grenades seized
      4. 26 foreign handlers who were involved in hatching conspiracies have been identified
  15. Judicial Commission of Enquiry under Justice Mehtab Singh Gill to look into all false criminal cases has achieved the following:
    1. 18 interim reports received
  16. More than 12,000 cases being probed
  17. Remedial legal action recommended in more than 399 cases.
  18. 297 Cancellation reports recommended
  19. 247 cancellation reports filed in courts so far; and
  20. 60 police personnel responsible for the reported lapses have been punished.
  21. Constituted a Commission of Enquiry headed by Justice (Retd) Ranjit Singh for a comprehensive probe into the cases of sacrilege, which submitted its final report on 16 August 2018.
  22. Accepted the recommendations of the Commission and decided to register criminal cases against all those responsible for be-adbi and killing ofinnocent persons in police firing at BehbalKalan and Kotkapura. The results so far are as under:
    1. 25 Police / Civil Officials identified / nominated for legal action
    2. 5 persons have been convicted so far by the Courts.
    3. SIT setup for independent probe of cases and to bring guilty to justice, as per resolution of Punjab VidhanSabha.
    4. Increased financial compensation of Rs 1 crore alongwith jobs have also been given to the members of families of deceased and the injured persons.
    5. 57 out of 85 cases of sacrilege traced during the last 28months whereas only 66 out of 132 cases of sacrileges were traced during the previous regime.
  23. ASpecial Operation Group (SOG) has been created to check militant threats, with non-fiscal incentives for those personnel who join the new force. The SOG will contain, counter and neutralize militant threats like fidayeenattack, hostage situations and armed infiltration to save precious lives and properties.
  24. Punjab Bureau of Investigation - Aseparate police wing for investigation of cases has been created to strengthen policing in the state and ensure proper probe of heinous cases of crime. The move will lead to the separation of law & order machinery from the investigation wing, with creation of specialized crime units in every district.
  25. The ‘Punjab Victim or their Dependents Compensation Scheme, 2017' has been notified to compensate victims of crime, with a minimum compensation of Rs. 3 lakh each to victims of acid attack.
  26. Amended the Punjab Good Conduct Prisoners (Temporary Release) Act, 1962 to increase parole for prisoners with good conduct from 12 to 16 weeks to ensure better integration into the society.
  27. Decided to republish the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, 2018
  28. In order to check crime against women, the Punjab Police shall provide free pick-up and drop facility to women at night.
  29. All heinous crimes which were pending and undetected for a long time have been solved. These include Brig JagdishGagneja Murder case (2016), Nabha Jail break case (2016), Banur Robbery case (2017), Vicky Gounder extortion and Killing cases, Murder of Shiv Sen Leader Durga Das Gupta (2016),  etc
  30. Decided to establish 7-fast track court for speedy trial of rape cases.
  31. Revival of State's Economy
  1. Primary Deficit of Rs. 41198 crore had been recorded in the year 2016-17, whereas in the year, 2018-19 a Primary surplus of Rs. 253.48 was recordedand a primary surplus of Rs. 600 crore has being recorded in 2019-20.
  2. Similarly, the Fiscal Deficit as % of GSDP hasdeclined to 2.77%been pegged at 2.64% in 2017-18, 3.08% in 2018-19and 2.96% in 2019-20 as against 12.34% in 2016-17.
  3. The Gross State Domestic Product (GDSP) has seen a rise of 23% from Rs. 4.28 lakh crorein 2017-18 to Rs. 5.22 lakh crore in 2018-19.It further rose by 10% to Rs, 5,74,760 crore in 2019-20
  4. 59% Reduction in revenue deficit /resource gap from Rs.10,273 Cr in March 2016-17to Rs. 2323 crore in March 2019-20.
  5. 18.80% increase inTotal Revenue Receipts from Rs. 32,810 Crore in Apr-Oct 2018 to Rs. 34,938 Crore in Apr-Oct 2019in 2019-20 despite economic downturn.
  6. Successfully Rolled out GST in the State.
  7. Abolished inter-State tax barriers.
  8. The per capita income of the state increased from Rs. 1,54,996 in 2018-19 to Rs. 1,66,830 in 2019-20, which is 23.53% higher than the national average of Rs. 1,35,050


  1. Food and Agriculture
    1. Comprehensive Agricultural Transformation Project has been finalized with assistance from the World Bank and it shall be implemented in next two years, 2020-22.
    2. Ensured hassle free procurementduring the last sixcrops strictly adhering to the 48-hour deadline for lifting and timely payment to farmers for their crop.
    3. Farmers' incomes have increased through higher quantities purchased on MSP. The foodgrains purchased annually were 213.5 Lakh million tonnes (yearly average) during 2007-2017 and it has increased to 296.89 Lakhmillion tonnes(yearly average) during 2017-20
    4. Total remuneration of farmers from Government Procurement of foodgrains has increased toRs1.54 Lakh crore since April 2017, which is an increase of about Rs. 44,000 crore over the earnings in the corresponding procurement seasons of the previous Government.Thus the farmers' incomes through sale of foodgrains have increased by more than 35% ever since the Government took over in March 2017.
    5. Increase in Agriculture Production on the rise -Total Production of Cereals has gone up from 30.75 million tonnes in 2016-17 to 31.7 million tonnes in 2017-18. Despite heavy rains and inclement weather, the production in 2018-19 was 31.50 Million Tons.
    6. Amended the Agricultural Produce Markets Act to ensure agricultural marketing reforms and greater use of technology.
    7. Increased crop damage compensation (Kharaba)from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 12000.
    8. Guava, banana and vineyards farmers have been brought at par with orchard farmers in the matter of the maximum land size they are permitted to own or hold.
    9. Enacted the "Punjab State Farmers Commission Act-2017" to empower and safeguard the interests of the farming community
    10. Established the 'Punjab State Council for Agricultural Education to promote agricultural education in the stateunder the Punjab State Council for Agricultural. Education Act, 2017.
    11. Decided to:
      1. Establish 10 New Mandi Townshipsand Rs800 crore earmarked for this purpose.
      2. Adoptede-NAM in 37Mandis:
        • 19 have become operational
        • 18 awaiting GoI approval
        • Trading in Maize, Potato, Kinnow, Cotton, Basmati, Green Peas and Moong dal already taking place in Punjab
        • 2,10,438 farmers registered
        • 5256Arhtiyas registered
        • 1387 traders registered
    12. IntroducedSingle Trading Licence for whole of Punjab.
    13. Upgrade 1000narrow culverts and bridges on Link roads at an estimated cost of Rs. 200 crore and to be completed by 30.06.2020.
    14. Mandi Development Program at a cost of Rs692crore, to be completed by 30.06.2020. The target isto upgrade 151 Principal Yards, 284 Sub-Yards, 1395 Purchase Centres.
    15. Repairs of 29,000 Kms of Village Link Roads with an expenditure of Rs. 3260 crore are currently under way as following:
      1. Phase 1 covered 15621 Km at a cost of Rs. 1682 crore and so far 98% work has been completed.
      2. Phase II covered 13724 Km at a cost of Rs. 1578 crore and 57% work has been completed.
  2. Rs. 132.62 crore provided directly to sugarcane farmers at the rate of Rs. 25 per quintal directly to the sugarcane farmers besides announcing immediate release of Rs. 65 Crore towards the interest on loans taken by private sugar mill owners to clear pending dues of farmers.
  3. Pear Estate in Verka, Litchi Estate in Sujanpur, Guava Estate in Wazidpur and Horticulture Estate in Kotkapuraare being established.
  4. The State won the prestigious Krishi Karman Award for the year 2017-18
  5. Smart Ration Cards: The Government has decided to replace the blue cards under the Atta Dal scheme with new smart cards to ensure that the benefit of the scheme reaches the right beneficiaries in a smooth manner
  6. POS Machines installed in all Ration Depots.
  7. More than 11,000 solar pumps have been installed during the year 2019-20. An additional 12,000 solar pumps shall be installed in the next three years.


  1. Agriculture Debt Waiver
    1. Waived off entire crop loans of all small and marginal farmers (upto 5 acres) having loans uptoRs. 2.00 lakh; on the basis of the report of the Expert Group headed by Dr. T.Haque. This would provide a relief of total debt waiver to 8.75 lakh farmers. 
    2. It has also been decided to provide a relief of Rs.2.00 lakh to the remaining marginal farmers irrespective of the amount of loan so as to provide relief to all marginal farmers.  This will provide relief to additional 1.50 lakh farmers.
    3. In all, about 10.25 lakh farmers will be benefitted of this debt waiver.
    4. The progress of Debt Relief Scheme that was launched from Mansa in January 2018 is as under:
      1. Phase I – Rs. 1808 crore disbursed to 3,16,955 marginal farmers of Cooperative Banks.
      2. Phase II – Rs. 1801 crore disbursed to 1,10,608 marginal farmers of Commercial banks.
      3. Phase-III –Rs. 891 Crore disbursed to 1,26,105 small farmers of an amount of Rs 1009 crore
      4. Phase IV -Rs. 90 Crore disbursed to 7899 Small Farmers of Commercial Banks
      5. Thus, till date 5.62  lakh farmers have been provided debt relief of about Rs. 4700 crore
    5. Government has decided to disburse Rs. 520 Crores to 2.85 Lakh landless Farm Labourers who are members of the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies.
    6. Government has decided to take over the outstanding crop loan of all the families of farmers who committed suicides in the State.
    7. Government has decided to raise the ex-gratia for suicide affected families to Rs.5.00 lac from the existing Rs.3.00lac.
    8. Repealed Section 67 A of the PunjabCooperative Societies Act, 1961, which provides for auction of land of defaulters of loans of Cooperative Credit Institutions.


  1. Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Dairy Development


  1. Recieved the Best Performing State Award-2018 under RashtriyaGokul Mission
  2. Punjab became the first State in the country for production of Swine Fever Vaccine at Punjab Veterinary Vaccine Institute, Ludhiana
  3. Buffalo Research Centre is being established in District TaranTaran with a cost of Rs. 20 Crore
  4. A new Veterinary College in Rampur Phul has been   established at a cost of Rs. 92 Crore.The first batch of 80 students has been admitted.
  5. More than 400 acres of land has been brought under Shrimp cultivation
  1. Cooperation
    1. Foundation stone of theMegaVerkaDairy Plant laid at BassiPathana on November 17, 2018. It would be built at a cost of Rs. 358 crore in three phases and would process one million litres of milk per day.
    2. Amalgamation of 20 District Central Cooperative Banks with the Punjab State Cooperative Bank to strengthen the state’s rural credit system and facilitate farmers taking credit from cooperative banks.
  2. e-Stamp facility launched in DCCB’s.
  3. Civil Aviation
    1. The Punjab State Aeronautical Engineering Collegehas been established at Patiala under RUSA scheme. The admission processclasses for B.Tech courses have commenced from the academic session 2018-19.
    2. Under the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS), the Government of Punjab has signed MoUs with the Government of India to provide concessions/support to airline operators to start flights from Ludhiana, Bathinda, Pathankot and Adampur. Flights under the scheme have already started from Ludhiana, Bathinda, Pathankot and Adampur.
    3. New Civil International Air Terminal at IAF Station Halwara, Ludhiana:State Government has approved the setting up New Civil International Air Terminal at IAF Station Halwara, Ludhiana: an MoU has been signed with the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for the project to be executed in three years.160 acres of land is being acquired.
  4. Defence Services Welfare
    1. Government has launched a unique initiative called "Guardians of Governance" wherein the services of ex-servicemen are being used to ensure effective implementation of government schemes at the grassroots. 4300 Guardians have been appointed in all the Districts to ensure that the benefits reach the deserving in a non-partisan manner.
    2. A special Ex-Servicemen Cell has been established in the Chief Minister's Office.
    3. Releasedcompensation for the widows of martyrs of the 1962, 1965 and 1971 wars, a demand pending for the past 42 years.
    4. Prevailed upon Union Government to continue the educational concession to children of Armed Forces Personnel without capping it at Rs. 10,000 per month.
    5. Punjab & Haryana High Court has been requested to set up Special Courts to deal with civil cases concerning serving defense personnel to ensure speedy disposal of cases.
    6. Government jobs given to Next of Kin of 35 martyrs.
      1. Jobs being given in an additional 8 cases shortly
    7. Ex-Gratia to Next of Kin of serving members of the Defence Forces not declared as battle casualties enhanced to Rs. 1 lakh.
    8. Financial assistance paid to the Windows and next of kin of Posthumus gallantry awardees brought at par with the assistance being paid to the widows and next of kin of gallantry awardees being awarded during their lifetime.
    9. Monthly financial assistance to the ex-servicemen of the pre-independence era and their widows enhanced to Rs. 6000 per month with effect from 01.04.2020
  1. Education
    1. For the first time in many years, the Government Schools have outperformed Private Schools in the Class 10 and Class 12 Board results
    • Class

    Pass % in Private Schools

    Pass % in Government Schools












  2. Government has decided to:
    1. Provide free education for all up till class XII.
    2. Establish fifteen new Degree Colleges;
    3. Provide free text books to all categories of students in   government schools;
    4. Provide free internet facility in all Government colleges;
    5. Offer English as a medium of instruction in government schools.
    6. Establish a Regulatory Authority to regulate the functioning of Private Universities and Colleges in the State.
    7. Establish a new Skills’ University at Chamkaur Sahib.
    8. Establish aPost Graduate Institute of Excellence in Horticulture in Amritsar
    9. Establish a Regional Vocational Training Institute for Girls at Rajpura
    10. Establish a Regional Directorate of Apprenticeship Training at Mohali
    11. PLAKSHA University is coming up in Mohali.
    12. And a proposal for Amity University at Mohali has been approved.
    13. Establish 19 New ITI’s.
  3. Pre-primary classes have commenced in 12921 government schools across Punjab.2.50 lakh children have already been enrolled
  4. 1844 toilets constructed in 523 schools in rural areas.
  5. 273Smart schools have been set up covering all 217 Educationally Backward Blocks at a cost Rs30 crore.More than 5500Primary, Middle and High Schools have been transformed into smart schools with the help of CSR/NGO’s/NRI’s/Charitable Institutions/Individual contributions etc.
  6. Digital Education – State Education Department has prepared e-content for all the subjects from Pre-Primary to Class 10 and circulated it to all schools.
  7. English as a medium of instruction has been introduced in 2940 Primary and 3173 Middle, High & Senior Secondary Schools (i.e. in 6000+ Schools). At present more than 1.46 Lakh students in 6113 Government Schools have adopted English as a Medium of Instruction.
  8. Padho Punjab Padhao Punjab Project:

  10. In August 2017 less than 30% of the students were able to achieve the prescribed learning level targets in various subjects and for various classes;
  11. Under this programme, in February 2019 more than 79% students achieved the learning level targets prescribed for students
  12. Improvement of more than 35% in Mathematics in Class 9 & 10.
  13. Improvement of more than 21% in Social Studies.
  14. Improvement of more than 24% in Science
    1. Decided to install 10 KW Solar plant in 259 Government Senior Secondary Smart Schools in its first phase. As many as 621 senior secondary schools will be covered in the next phase.
    2. Online Transfer Policy-2019 of the School Education Department has been implemented
    3. Decided to establish the Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University at Patiala.
    4. 3582 new teachers have been recruited
    5. Launched Chief Minister Scholarship scheme offering a rebate of 70% to 100% on tuition fees based on performance of the students.
    6. Punjab is the first State to implement NSQF compliant Syllabus in 8 main courses in polytechnic colleges.
    7. For new ITI’s have started functioning
    8. Water harvesting systems to be installed in all government senior secondary schools

  16. Employment Generation
    1. Retirement age for government employees reduced to 58 years in order to create opportunities for givingjobs to the youth.
    2. Launched a flagship scheme GharGharRozgar&Karobar(GGRK) which aims to ensure one job for each household that do not have any personin wage or self employment in a time bound manner. It involves:
      1. the State to actually reach out to every household i.e. Ghar-Ghar and
      2. to provide / facilitate gainful employment to at least one member of the household.
    3. PGRKAM (the Punjab GharGharRozgar and Karobar Mission) has been established.
    4. 22 state of the art District Bureaus of Employment and Enterprise (DBEE)providing career counselling, free internet, skill training options, foreign placements, self-employment opportunities etc., have been established  a one stop shop for the unemployed youth.
    5. The following initiatives are being undertaken under the PGRKAM:
      1. Creation of Foreign Employment & Foreign Study Cell
      2. Creation of Punjab Job Helpline
      3. Creation of a digital platform for rendering all job related information/ services
      4. Outreach through Social media platforms
      5. Coaching/Training fot Government/Private jobs
      6. ApniGaddiApnaRozgaar scheme
    6. More than 12.15lakh youth have been facilitated in getting employment in Private / Govt. Sector or Self-Employment since March 2017.This translates to assisting approximately 1000 youth in getting some sort of employmentevery day.
      1. Self Employment for 7.61 Lakh youth
      2. 3.96 Lakh jobs in the private sector
      3. 58,000 Government jobs
    7. Unique initiative to provide jobs to atleast 10 poor jobless youth of every village has been undertaken to ensure universal reach of the Scheme.72,716 rural youth have so far been provided employment.
    8. Third Mega Job Fair was organised in Punjab from 12.11.2018 to 22.11.2018. 88000 jobs from Private sector were offered to the youth.18672 candidates could bag jobs in this mega drive.
    9. Fourth Mega Job Fair was organised in Punjab from 13.2.2019 to 22.2.2019. About 1,13,525 jobs from Private sector were offered to the youth. 41,878 youth were given jobs, 5777 were shortlisted and 5000 youth were provided self-employment.
    10. Fifth Mega Job Fairwas organized from 9th-30th September. 2019. It was a huge success and 1,16,556 youth were selected for jobs/identified for self-employment or skill training during the 5th Mega Job Fair
    11. One International Job Fair was also organized.
    12. Armed Forces Preparatory Institute to be established in Hoshiarpur to target it mission of youth into IMA, OTA, Air Force Training Academy and Naval Academy.
  17. Excise & Taxation
    1. Reduced the number of liquor vendsby 10% in the last two years – 6386 in 2016-17 to 5749 in 2018-19. This number has been marginally increased to 5835 during 2019-20.
    2. Reduced selling prices of liquor particularly PML.
    3. Goods & Service Tax (GST)
      1. Remained in Top 3 States in filing of returns, since the introduction of GST.
      2. Tax Collections for 2018-19areRs. 27,827crore2019-20 (upto Feb 2020) are Rs. 23,933 crore (GST: 19499crore and VAT: 4434crore)
    4. Waiver of the State Government's 50% share in the GST on the Langar at Darbar Sahib and DurgianaMandir.
    5. Reduction in VAT on Natural Gas, in Gaseous State other than Compressed Natural Gas, from 14.3% to 3%. Punjab now has the lowest VAT on natural gas in the northern region.
    6. Simplified Deemed Assessment Scheme for old VAT Cases. Small businesses freed from assessment and only 8000 large business entities will be assessed.
    7. Online and transparent system of GST refund.
    8. Number of Mobile Wings reduced from 13 to 7 and converted into audit wings. These will audit only large taxpayers and bring a big relief to small dealers.
  18. Freedom Fighters
    1. Government has notified a policy for providing one out-of-turn tube-well connection for a family of a freedom fighter.
    2. Reservation for freedom fighters in house allotments by PUDA, GMADA, has been increased from 2% to 3%.
    3. Government has exempted freedom fighters from payment of Toll Tax on State Highways.
  19. Forests & Wildlife
    1. 77 Lakh saplings have been planted across the State with at least 550 saplings planted in each village.Indigenous varieties of trees have been planted at appropriate places in consultation with Gram Panchayats.
    2. 97 lakh tree saplings have been supplied free of cost under the GharGharHaryali scheme
    3. State's Forest cover has increased by 11,363 Hectares since April 2017
    4. Illegal encroachments removed from more than 6000 Hectares of Forest Land
    5. Rs. 1040 Crore earmarked for improving forest cover over next five years.
  20. Health
    1. SarbatSehatBimaYojana
      1. Extended the central scheme PradhanMantri Jan ArogyaYojna (PMJAY), to cover over 46 lakh families, instead of the proposed 14.96 lakh families identified by Government of India.
      2. 42.39 lakh beneficiary e-cards already generated
      3. Insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakh is provided to all beneficiaries.
      4. 694 hospitals empanelled.
      5. 1,27,619 patients have already receive free treatment at a cost of Rs. 146 crore
    2. 1372Health & Wellness Clinicshave been establishedas on 31.12.2019and more than 35.63 lakh patients have availed OPD services in these clinics.
    3. 2950An additional 1581 Health & Wellness Clinicswill be operational by 31st March 2022.the Obama
    4. Punjab has been ranked 2nd at All India Level after Telengana in operationalizing these Centres.
    5. OOAT Clinicshave been established to check the menace of drugs:
      1. 193 OOAT’s setup
      2. 25 to be operational shortly
      3. 1,11,190 persons visiting regularly
    6. 4.02 lakh drug addicts are currently undergoing treatment in the state
    7. Government Medical College, Mohali will be operationalised during 2020-21..
    8. Guru Nanak Dev Government Medical College at Kapurthala has been approved with an expenditure of Rs. 325 crore.
    9. 100-bedded ultra-modern HomiBhabha Cancer Hospital inaugurated in Sangrur; to provide affordable cancer care to the people of Punjab.
    10. Tertiary Care Centres for Cancer patients at Fazilka (under construction) and Hoshiarpur;
    11. The proposal to set up Satellite Centre of PGI at Ferozepurhas been finalised and approved.Requisite land has been handed over.
    12. After all approvals, AIIMS Bathinda has been operationalised.MBBS Admissions have commenced.
    13. A State Cancer Institute is being set up at Amritsar with an outlay of Rs120 crore.
    14. State government pioneered the initiative to provide free drugs worth Rs. 73 crore to 68,000 hepatitis C patients. Government of India has now decided to replicate this initiative across the country.
    15. The existing fleet of 108-Ambulances shall be increased from 242 to 400 by the year 2022.
  21. Housing & Urban Development
    1. Government has established a Real Estate Regulatory Authority(RERA)and the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal in the State to protect the interest of home-buyers; and rules thereof have been notified.
    2. On the pattern of Invest Punjab, Government has decided to establish a single window clearance system as a One-stop Shop called 'Build Punjab' for time-bound speedier approval of real estate projects.
    3. Exemption from 10% increase in Change of Land Use (CLU), External Development Charges (EDC) and License Fee (LF)/Permission Fee from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020 for real estate projects.
    4. Stamp duty on urban property registration reduced from 9 percent to 6 percent till March 31, 2018.
    5. Circle rates for both urban areas cut down by 5% those in rural areas have been lowered by 10%.
    6. Launched 'The Punjab ShehriAwas Yojana-2017' to provide free housing to eligible houseless SC/BC urban families. Urban households with an annual income of less than Rs. 3 lakh in the first phase and Rs.5 lac in the second phase would be eligible to claim free housing facility under the scheme.
    7. Regularization of Unauthorized Colonies in the State: Council of Minister approved a policy for regularization of unauthorized colonies developed before March 19, 2018 to check the mushrooming growth of unplanned and haphazard constructions across the state.
    8. One Time Settlement scheme:
      1. For regularizing unauthorized water and sewerage connections and recovery of arrears of water and sewerage charges, besides settling pending dues of house / property tax for urban local bodies.
      2. For regularization of unauthorized commercial establishments in Amritsar Galiara.
      3. Approval to amendments in building rules to provide one-time settlement of non-compoundable violations.
    9. AffordableColony Policy-2018 to facilitate affordable housing for lower income groups thereby also checking the mushroom growth of unauthorized colonies.  So far 11 licenses have been granted to establish such colonies in Jalandhar and Ludhiana.
    10. One-time opportunity for regularization of unauthorized commercial establishment in the Galiara in the Holy city of Amritsar, the Council of Ministers approved amendment to section 3 (1), 3(2) and 5 of Amritsar Walled City (Recognition of usage) Act, 2016.
    11. A new Marriage Palace Policy for regularization of unauthorized marriage palaces, besides granting approval for construction of new marriage palaces across the state.
    12. First of its kind policy on ‘Rental Housing’ to facilitate proper housing accommodation for students, corporate professionals, senior citizens, migrant labourers and others in the state.
    13. Revival of the Kandi Area Development Board andone-time grant of Rs. 100 crore to ensure holistic development of this difficult region.
    14. Infrastructural works worth Rs. 965 crore planned to ensure holistic development of the historic town of Dera Baba Nanak and adjoining areas of Gurdaspur.
    15. Establishment of Dera Baba Nanak Development Authority forplanned development of Dera Baba Nanak in view of the opening of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor with an initial corpus of Rs. 25 Crore.
    16. Formation of Sri Anandpur Sahib Development Authority
    17. Special Development Plan to be chalked out for Sri Kiratpur Sahib in view of the 400-years function to be held in 2026.   Click Here to Download More
Updated On: 03/12/2020 - 15:31